Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas is Upon Us

This Christmas season has already been so much fun with Charlotte. She is totally getting into everything Christmas expect for Santa. She wants to hear about him but will only look at him from a distance. I am so excited for Christmas morning.

Totally captivated by her Christmas train 

Loving the snow

Her very own Christmas tree 

Off to see Santa

Well kinda... Off to see Santa from a distance

Nothing says Christmas like Bass Pro

Her first gingerbread house

Henry's Room

Henry's room is complete for the most part. I will be adding to of course as time goes on but the main ingredients are there. It was my life long dream to have a kids room with an animal theme but I was super scared it would turn out cheesy. Henry's room is an animal theme but I did my best not to get too carried away. I don't think it is overboard but then again Jack Hannah is my idol.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Sick Season

I hate to even write "sick season". I cannot believe it is here but it is. Charlotte has croup. Last Sunday she started with the cold and Wednesday we were in full sick mode. We have not gone to Bible study or Mother's Day out and the two of us are going crazy. When Charlotte is taken out of her weekly routines her toddler brain cannot handle it. She acts like a high school kid on Spring Break. She is out of control, bratty, doesn't listen to her parents, and all around no fun to be around. Sorry Charlie but it is true. This week me and my huge body have done everything I could to keep us from both running away. I succeeded half way but cannot wait for next week activities to resume. Knock on wood.

Here is just a portion of our "fun" this week:

"You think you can boss ME around? Right"

An extremely overpriced reindeer in a dress at build a bear

But the bitty was happy

We cleaned Dorothy's tank twice in one day...

This game bought me at least 10 minutes

The dollar movies

The Zoo... I am as big as the gorillas. Just sayin'

Our photographer of the day

"Dad let's go! We are just getting started"

Monday, November 4, 2013

Living in the Moment

Lately I am guilty of wishing time away. I am huge, uncomfortable, and constantly tired. I am watching the clock for my bed time nearly every day. My recent prayer has been to be present. After all, I only have a month and half left with just me and my girl.

This afternoon when my Charlie girl woke up from her nap I was struck by this blessing I have right in front of me. She was snuggling and giggly and I didn't want the moment to end. So I picked up my camera and took some sweet pictures. I hope you enjoy too.

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Our little bitty was an astronaut for Halloween and I have to admit she was the cutest astronaut in town. Halloween was full of a school Halloween parade, a Devon Halloween party, and of course trick or treating. All of the activities wore me flat out but somehow Charlie was ready for more fun the next day.

I mean....

The two best buds

The sad thing was I thought I looked so cute

With her Uncle Nick at the Devon party

Face painting is her new favorite thing

School time

Hurry Mom! 

Trick or Treating at Beanie and Poo's

Fall Flowers

Today we accomplished the big task of pulling up our summer flowers and planting pretty fall flowers. Why is this always such a big task? Even though it isn't fun doing I sure love the outcome. I hope the flowers do well.

Impossible to get things done around this house

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall is HERE

I live for fall. I think of these glorious days when it is so hot it hurts and when it is so cold it hurts. Josh and I literally try to spend all day outside during these days. Today was one of those days. We started off the day with a great "fall festival" at the club my parents belong to and ended the day at the pooch parade. It was great!

Happy Fall Ya'll

Decorating her pumpkin 

Off to the parade

Charlotte was extra excited her favorite band, Spaghetti Eddie, played at the parade.

Kinda inseperable with her pumpkin