Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Can Tomorrow Be a Snow Day, Mom?

It is not even 9:00 p.m. and I am already in bed. Today was rough. I mean really rough. My body is not ready to be back to working 12 hour days. It is against everything I believe in to work this much in a day. If my Mom will help I have an idea to make this week a little more bearable. My Mom used to wake me up in elementary school all the way through high school and say, "don't get up because it’s a snow day so keep sleeping and when you wake up we will go out to breakfast and have a girls day." A key detail to note is that 99.9% of the time it was not snowing and it was just a girl’s day. When I heard the words "snow day" my heart began to pitter padder with excitement but not enough to keep me from falling fast back into deep sleep. It is one of my best memories with my Mom. What I would do for a snow day tomorrow.....

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  1. My best friend is such a good parent. I am so proud that her daughter is now going to have one of her own. You have such a good example to follow!