Friday, August 27, 2010

My Reality vs. Real Reality

I took three of our boarding school students to meet my Mom for lunch today. These kids are pretty incredible. They have defined all odds academically and socially. They currently attend boarding schools in the East Coast on $50,000.00 yearly scholarships! Their lives are totally changed and they will never accept normalcy again. They have now been exposed to what life can be like once given the opportunity.

At lunch they argue, tease each other, and talk about normal teenage things. It is easy to forget they aren’t “typical” teenagers until real life comes in the picture. For example, on the way back to school one of the girls asked me how to spell “sober.” I immediately assume the worse and think that she was out until 2am last night drinking like most high school kids do on summer break. I told her how to spell the word and asked why she needs to know how to spell it. Her response was, “I am texting my Mom to make sure my Dad is sober when I come home today.” The reality train hit me head on.

I wish more people would take the time to make kids in need feel special and important because chances are they will not hear it anywhere else. My Mom is a wonderful testament of this. She is very involved with KIPP and these kids’ lives. By her taking the time to eat lunch with them today and ask questions they feel important and cared for. All the way home I heard about Miss Lisa. Most of us, me for example, take things like eating lunch with your Mom for granted. Not these kids.

We stopped by a party store before we headed back to school


  1. I wanna come hang out with KIPPsters! You have such a big heart and do so much for these kiddos. I know they adore you and you have impacted their lives so positively.

  2. You are welcome anytime!!! You are too sweet to say that.