Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Taco Night with a Side of Hotdogs

Baby White put up a fight yesterday. She was not emotionally ready to show the goods. Somehow I knew this was going to happen. No baby of mine would be easy at anything. Christy, Josh’s sister, says she is 80% sure it is a little girl. I am fairly certain it is too. There was nothing there to resemble male parts. I go to my regular baby doctor tomorrow for testing and another ultrasound. Maybe we will have a clearly idea then.


  1. Come on, Ashley, did you really think YOU'RE daughter would not already have an attitude in the womb? ;) I'm SO excited that it's a GIRL! Now I can be even more broke buying THREE of everything cute and girly I find! :)

  2. Good point Steph. God is punishing me for my years of sassy pants. Is it bad I have already started booking mani/pedi appoitments for the two of us? You better send me every cute online girl purchase you make. Our girls will be like triplets.