Thursday, September 30, 2010


Literally every single day at work I realize how blessed I am. Today was no different. I was asked to call a Mom because her daughter smarted off to a teacher. At most schools this would go ignored but we believe in stopping the problem before it gets worse. I did think this attitude by the young girl was out of character but nonetheless a parent must come to pick their child up.

The Mom got here and I had to start the conversation. Unfortunately, I have to step in on disciplinary issues more than I like. The Mom immediately broke down in tears and I could tell something much more was going on. I asked the daughter to step out of my office and called for backup. The mother told my boss that as of TODAY her and her two daughters were homeless. Literally, no place to go. No options. The mother is very hard working and her daughter is a great student at school. Turns out they were living with her parents but her parents moved into a retirement home therefore leaving them with no options.

There is something about hearing a grown woman cry about being homeless that will make you immediately realize how blessed you are. I do not like seeing these things at work but I can promise everyone when I leave this place I will be a changed person. I will never forget how blessed I am.

I am sure you are all wondering what happened to the family and not about my revelations. A staff member paid for a week at a hotel for her and her family. After a week we aren’t sure what will be next for the family. I ask for your prayers over this family.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Nursery is Coming Right Along

Josh and I have put a lot of work into the nursery the past several weeks. Both of us do not enjoy "shopping around" so we try to knock projects out fast. We literally purchased all of our furniture for the house in one week. The problem with tactics like this you begin to regret several big decisions. We already hate our couch in the den so we are attempting to put more thought in the nursery. The only big item we do not have yet is the dresser/changing table. We are at a lost to find a pretty but yet affordable piece. Here are some pictures of the nursery so far. I will continue to update as the room progresses.

Chloe modeling the crib

 Josh painting the room a light grey

The bedding

Bedding, pink shag rug, and pretty crib blanket

Our glider we ordered in pink and white pinstripes

Thursday, September 23, 2010


If you were my friend in high school you would know I always wanted a nickname. All of my others friends had them; Smesbian, Kitt, Leenie, Magoo but not ole' Ash. I will say my only nickname was in 6th grade given to me by an awful boy. He called me Kansas is Mrs. Gaylord's class because I was long and flat. For obvious reasons, I did not claim that as a nickname. Wherever this delightful young man is these day I wish him nothing but a lifetime of pain and suffering ;)

I guess my longing for a nickname is spilling over to poor Charlotte. Why can she just not be Charlotte? Josh really wants to call her that all the time with no nicknames but not me. As you know, I love Charlie. I just think of a cute spunky girl when I think of Charlie. Also, the nickname Lottie is starting to wear on me too. CharLOTTE=Lottie. My parents are already referring to her as Lottie. When I was asking Josh to consider Lottie he was so weirded out because his Great Grandma who he adored was named Lottie Belle Roe.

Anyways, if she is a full time Charlotte, Charlie, or a Lottie I just hope the name fits her personality. We are waiting for the nickname conclusion after our formal introduction.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby Bedding: Check

I owe two thank you's for my baby bedding selection and purchase. First off, my very own personal shopper Kate Brown showed me this bedding. I swear half the things I own Kate has picked out. She has a gift to spend money. At first I was a bit hesitant but began to mentally plan all the little details that will go into this nursery. I think it will fit Charlotte perfectly. Secondly, thank you to the most giving parents in the world for buying this for Charlotte. Charlotte is going to be so spoiled! It is already starting.

I cannot believe that in 151 days Miss Charlotte will be here able to enjoy her very own room.

Charlotte's baby bedding

I will post pictures of the nursery as it begins to come along.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's a GIRL!!! For sure....

We are so happy to finally know FOR SURE we are having a  a sweet baby girl. Charlotte "Charlie" White will be here before we know it!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You Give it a Try

In honor of my HUGE day tomorrow of finally getting a definite answer on the gender of Baby White I am going to have my few but dedicated readers give it a try.

Let me tell you this first:
- Dr. Goff's picture of the "boy parts" is awful quality (very light)  but you can see something between the legs. The legs are on the left side of the picture with head to the top right.
- People say "If there are three lines/dots then it is a girl" but not so fast. If you research this further there is a chance boys can photograph with three lines depending on the position, how far along, and how developed the baby is at the time. They also say that the boys three lines are not even whereas the girls are totally even.
- The girl part picture is of the bottom up and legs up with the lines in the middle left.

Good luck!!! Let me know what you think. You can click on the image to enlarge.

Girl Parts?

Boy Parts?

Monday, September 13, 2010

I am not one to judge but...

Josh and I were at Church Sunday morning. It was a very special service in my opinion because baptisms were happening during worship. My emotional self found myself crying as I watched each person get a new start on life. During the middle of worship/baptisms a family came in very late and sat right in front of us. It was a father, mother, and three children all under 13 I would guess. I noticed them first because they were late then second because of their clothing. Even though my church is very casual I feel that you need to put in a slight effort to look presentable for respect of the church and God. Their two daughters had on extremely short cheer shorts rolled up with t-shirts and the younger brother had on a football jersey and shorts with holes. You could tell this family was not a low income family so I excused myself for being superficial. Within seconds of the family getting in their seats ALL three kids took out their BLACKBERRYS, yes I said BLACKBERRYS, and began texting during worship. I was shocked! It was so distracting as they were all standing up in front of me blocking the baptisms with their phones. I thought surely their Dad will take them out in the lobby and teach them a lesson. Nope! They texted and giggled throughout the entire service. Start to finish. Even during praying. Yes, God I peaked. Please forgive me. If that was not bad enough…. and it was…. the family got up and bolted right before the offering and closing of Church. I mean really, do you really need to beat the slight traffic that bad? It was their loss because two young men asked to be baptized after they heard the sermon. They were not even planning on it and got in fully clothed. I had never seen this happen before. I thought it was so inspiring.

It made me so sad that their family was so unconnected with each other. That their parents would rather their children play on their phone than listen to Gods words. I am not sure if it upset me so bad because I am about to become a parent myself or because it was just rude and disrespectful. Probably a combination of both. I am surprised my short tempered, rude self didn’t say anything.

Baby Drama

I will catch you up because it has been a bit since I have posted last.

I last left you with my very humorous (I thought so anyways) story about my Mom and I finding out Baby White was for sure a boy. Since then I have been boy shopping. Boy crib, boy clothes, boy shoes, you name it…. I had no doubt it was a boy. Josh and I even agreed on a name which was HUGE.

THEN…. (insert lightning strike) we went to an ultrasound with Josh’s sister who is a very experienced ultrasound technician so Josh’s Mom could meet our baby Boy. Turns out we aren’t too sure who she met. Our baby girl or baby boy. Christy is pretty confident our little boy is a little girl.

This Wednesday couldn’t come any sooner because we have a very thorough ultrasound. I am more than confident we will find out then what we are having. Stay tuned once again and please pray for my sanity. I have been a hormonal nutty since Thursday evening.

Regardless what this trying baby is at the moment we are so blessed to have “it”. Meet Baby White.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Waiting for Superman

For a nation that proudly declared it would leave no child behind, America continues to do so at alarming rates. Despite increased spending and politicians’ promises, our buckling public-education system, once the best in the world, routinely forsakes the education of millions of children.

Waiting for Superman is a movie that will be released very soon to theatres across the Nation. It is the first film that gives an honest look into our public school crisis across the United States. The film focuses on several KIPP schools but more importantly the idea that all children regardless of their zip code should have a quality education. Many KIPP schools and other charter schools are forced into a lottery system to enroll students because there aren’t enough good schools out there. So when it comes down to it, a lottery number can determine a child’s entire life.

Please watch the trailer at the following link:

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Say Whaaaat?!

Yesterday was a day! I am not sure how or where to begin. It was an exciting day to begin with because it was Josh’s birthday and I had a doctor’s appointment with my regular doctor. So here is the low down of yesterday events:

I had a crazy morning at work, like usual but head out around noon to go pick up my Mom for lunch and the doctors. Josh was unable to attend this time because of a work conflict. Mom and I arrived at the hospital with our bellies full just in time. We are taken back to the first room for the standard pee test, weigh in (gained 5 pounds), and vitals check. As my nurse is giving me my check up she was talking about how she had the “Mother’s instinct” the whole time during her pregnancy and knew her baby was a boy. I am thinking in my head that this “Mother’s instinct” is a load of bologna because I had it too but obviously I was wrong. Very soon in my pregnancy I thought I was having a boy. I do not know why but it was always there. That was dismissed Monday at the ultrasound when we highly thought it was a girl. I even have several sonogram pictures that look like “girly parts” so I attempted to change my stubborn mind thinking to a world of pink. Anyways…. Everything checked up fine so it was time to move to the room where ultrasounds are done.

Mom and I are now waiting for Dr. Goff to perform an ultrasound and debating if he can give us the “yes, it is a girl” so we can go shopping once we leave. We wait for Dr. Goff for well over 30 minutes so Mom and I take full advantage of this opportunity and take a little siesta. We are both dreaming of cotton candy clouds and unicorns until I hear a knock. I jump out of my skin to see the Doctor already standing in the office, knocking just to wake me up. Unfortunately, Mom did not wake up until I swung my fist over in her direction so she can wake up and meet the man who is going to deliver her daughters baby. It was so awkward my only response was, “We are really nervous.” Dr. Goff sarcastically replied, “I can tell”. Mom and I were still rubbing the sleepies out of our eyes when the ultrasound monitored appeared with my baby. What an awesome feeling that is! Within seconds, I mean seconds, Dr. Goff said “There is the bump right there.” Still half asleep I ask if it is a weenie bump or a puff bump. With clear certainty he said,” that is a weenie. It is a boy.” I swear I thought I was still dreaming until I heard my Mom sobbing. I thought snoring was bad enough until hear the water works come. I am not exactly sure why it was so emotionally for the two of us but it was. I guess we both knew it was a boy it was nice to actually here it.

Needless to say, we went shopping for boy stuff immediately. We got several adorable onsie’s at Ladybugs and Lizards and Mom got the baby his first pair of Ralph Lauren shoes. To top a wonderful day already my whole family took Josh out to celebrate his birthday and son. Yesterday will be hard to top.
Thanks Mom!

Don't judge the appearance. We all know I do not cook. I guess I can use the "Girl" candles for a later time.