Monday, September 13, 2010

Baby Drama

I will catch you up because it has been a bit since I have posted last.

I last left you with my very humorous (I thought so anyways) story about my Mom and I finding out Baby White was for sure a boy. Since then I have been boy shopping. Boy crib, boy clothes, boy shoes, you name it…. I had no doubt it was a boy. Josh and I even agreed on a name which was HUGE.

THEN…. (insert lightning strike) we went to an ultrasound with Josh’s sister who is a very experienced ultrasound technician so Josh’s Mom could meet our baby Boy. Turns out we aren’t too sure who she met. Our baby girl or baby boy. Christy is pretty confident our little boy is a little girl.

This Wednesday couldn’t come any sooner because we have a very thorough ultrasound. I am more than confident we will find out then what we are having. Stay tuned once again and please pray for my sanity. I have been a hormonal nutty since Thursday evening.

Regardless what this trying baby is at the moment we are so blessed to have “it”. Meet Baby White.

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