Thursday, September 30, 2010


Literally every single day at work I realize how blessed I am. Today was no different. I was asked to call a Mom because her daughter smarted off to a teacher. At most schools this would go ignored but we believe in stopping the problem before it gets worse. I did think this attitude by the young girl was out of character but nonetheless a parent must come to pick their child up.

The Mom got here and I had to start the conversation. Unfortunately, I have to step in on disciplinary issues more than I like. The Mom immediately broke down in tears and I could tell something much more was going on. I asked the daughter to step out of my office and called for backup. The mother told my boss that as of TODAY her and her two daughters were homeless. Literally, no place to go. No options. The mother is very hard working and her daughter is a great student at school. Turns out they were living with her parents but her parents moved into a retirement home therefore leaving them with no options.

There is something about hearing a grown woman cry about being homeless that will make you immediately realize how blessed you are. I do not like seeing these things at work but I can promise everyone when I leave this place I will be a changed person. I will never forget how blessed I am.

I am sure you are all wondering what happened to the family and not about my revelations. A staff member paid for a week at a hotel for her and her family. After a week we aren’t sure what will be next for the family. I ask for your prayers over this family.

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