Monday, September 13, 2010

I am not one to judge but...

Josh and I were at Church Sunday morning. It was a very special service in my opinion because baptisms were happening during worship. My emotional self found myself crying as I watched each person get a new start on life. During the middle of worship/baptisms a family came in very late and sat right in front of us. It was a father, mother, and three children all under 13 I would guess. I noticed them first because they were late then second because of their clothing. Even though my church is very casual I feel that you need to put in a slight effort to look presentable for respect of the church and God. Their two daughters had on extremely short cheer shorts rolled up with t-shirts and the younger brother had on a football jersey and shorts with holes. You could tell this family was not a low income family so I excused myself for being superficial. Within seconds of the family getting in their seats ALL three kids took out their BLACKBERRYS, yes I said BLACKBERRYS, and began texting during worship. I was shocked! It was so distracting as they were all standing up in front of me blocking the baptisms with their phones. I thought surely their Dad will take them out in the lobby and teach them a lesson. Nope! They texted and giggled throughout the entire service. Start to finish. Even during praying. Yes, God I peaked. Please forgive me. If that was not bad enough…. and it was…. the family got up and bolted right before the offering and closing of Church. I mean really, do you really need to beat the slight traffic that bad? It was their loss because two young men asked to be baptized after they heard the sermon. They were not even planning on it and got in fully clothed. I had never seen this happen before. I thought it was so inspiring.

It made me so sad that their family was so unconnected with each other. That their parents would rather their children play on their phone than listen to Gods words. I am not sure if it upset me so bad because I am about to become a parent myself or because it was just rude and disrespectful. Probably a combination of both. I am surprised my short tempered, rude self didn’t say anything.

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  1. How sad for them. Isn't it amazing how many examples you see of how NOT to raise your children?