Thursday, September 23, 2010


If you were my friend in high school you would know I always wanted a nickname. All of my others friends had them; Smesbian, Kitt, Leenie, Magoo but not ole' Ash. I will say my only nickname was in 6th grade given to me by an awful boy. He called me Kansas is Mrs. Gaylord's class because I was long and flat. For obvious reasons, I did not claim that as a nickname. Wherever this delightful young man is these day I wish him nothing but a lifetime of pain and suffering ;)

I guess my longing for a nickname is spilling over to poor Charlotte. Why can she just not be Charlotte? Josh really wants to call her that all the time with no nicknames but not me. As you know, I love Charlie. I just think of a cute spunky girl when I think of Charlie. Also, the nickname Lottie is starting to wear on me too. CharLOTTE=Lottie. My parents are already referring to her as Lottie. When I was asking Josh to consider Lottie he was so weirded out because his Great Grandma who he adored was named Lottie Belle Roe.

Anyways, if she is a full time Charlotte, Charlie, or a Lottie I just hope the name fits her personality. We are waiting for the nickname conclusion after our formal introduction.

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