Thursday, September 2, 2010

Say Whaaaat?!

Yesterday was a day! I am not sure how or where to begin. It was an exciting day to begin with because it was Josh’s birthday and I had a doctor’s appointment with my regular doctor. So here is the low down of yesterday events:

I had a crazy morning at work, like usual but head out around noon to go pick up my Mom for lunch and the doctors. Josh was unable to attend this time because of a work conflict. Mom and I arrived at the hospital with our bellies full just in time. We are taken back to the first room for the standard pee test, weigh in (gained 5 pounds), and vitals check. As my nurse is giving me my check up she was talking about how she had the “Mother’s instinct” the whole time during her pregnancy and knew her baby was a boy. I am thinking in my head that this “Mother’s instinct” is a load of bologna because I had it too but obviously I was wrong. Very soon in my pregnancy I thought I was having a boy. I do not know why but it was always there. That was dismissed Monday at the ultrasound when we highly thought it was a girl. I even have several sonogram pictures that look like “girly parts” so I attempted to change my stubborn mind thinking to a world of pink. Anyways…. Everything checked up fine so it was time to move to the room where ultrasounds are done.

Mom and I are now waiting for Dr. Goff to perform an ultrasound and debating if he can give us the “yes, it is a girl” so we can go shopping once we leave. We wait for Dr. Goff for well over 30 minutes so Mom and I take full advantage of this opportunity and take a little siesta. We are both dreaming of cotton candy clouds and unicorns until I hear a knock. I jump out of my skin to see the Doctor already standing in the office, knocking just to wake me up. Unfortunately, Mom did not wake up until I swung my fist over in her direction so she can wake up and meet the man who is going to deliver her daughters baby. It was so awkward my only response was, “We are really nervous.” Dr. Goff sarcastically replied, “I can tell”. Mom and I were still rubbing the sleepies out of our eyes when the ultrasound monitored appeared with my baby. What an awesome feeling that is! Within seconds, I mean seconds, Dr. Goff said “There is the bump right there.” Still half asleep I ask if it is a weenie bump or a puff bump. With clear certainty he said,” that is a weenie. It is a boy.” I swear I thought I was still dreaming until I heard my Mom sobbing. I thought snoring was bad enough until hear the water works come. I am not exactly sure why it was so emotionally for the two of us but it was. I guess we both knew it was a boy it was nice to actually here it.

Needless to say, we went shopping for boy stuff immediately. We got several adorable onsie’s at Ladybugs and Lizards and Mom got the baby his first pair of Ralph Lauren shoes. To top a wonderful day already my whole family took Josh out to celebrate his birthday and son. Yesterday will be hard to top.
Thanks Mom!

Don't judge the appearance. We all know I do not cook. I guess I can use the "Girl" candles for a later time.

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