Friday, October 15, 2010

I Should Have Listened

Yesterday I knew I was pushing myself too much regarding work. My body was telling me you are doing too much but I ignored the message. I got home from work yesterday and I soaked in the tub like a beached whale for over an hour. Every time the water would get cool I would drain it and start all over again. I was too tired to get out. In the middle of the night I got one of my classic headaches that keep me from getting any real rest. These headaches are brought on by stress, allergies, or a combo of both. I slept in to about 7:00a.m. (big whoop) and made myself get up and get ready feeling awful. About half way to work I got a big time nose bleed. The type that does not stop. I pulled over on the side of the highway took off my sweater and used it as a Kleenex. After it slowed down a bit I headed home to change, soak my clothes, and try to start the day over.

This is me headed back to work when I smaller nose bleed happened again. Luckily, I had Kleenex this time.

I am finally at work. My head, back, nose, feet, fingers, stomach, eyes, elbows, neck, knees, and ankles all killing me. Praying for a speedy Friday and a somewhat restful weekend.


  1. Oh GOSH! I am sooo sorry you are dealing with all of this on top of being preggo! I used to get a massive nose bleed a day for about 3 years in my early twenties. I just used a lot of saline and tried not to let it get too dry. Poor thing! Thinking about you and hoping you are feeling better soon!

  2. WHY on earth did you go back to work? YOU NEED REST!

  3. We have a big fundraiser Tuesday evening that I am heading up. After Tuesday is rest time.