Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Happy two year Anniversary to the White’s! I never doubted I married the right person two years ago but today I know more than ever Josh is meant for me. I love Josh for many reasons but some of the big ones are:

- He somehow can take my type-A, stressed out personality and make me relaxed and be happy in an instant.
     * Nobody else can do this.
- It doesn’t bother him I am the furthest thing from domestic.
      * We haven’t had a home cooked meal in nearly a year… Or longer.
- He is protective. Nobody messes with me or our family.
     * Just try it and you will see ;)
- He pampers and spoils me on a daily basis
     * Just last night he got out of bed and made me a soft pretzel, then some cheese-its, and then some kitkats for dessert. I mean who does this?
- He never tries to change who I am
     *  Not that it would work but he is happy with me being me
- Most importantly at this time in our lives he is going to be the best Dad
    * I have NEVER seen a man so excited to have a baby. Josh already loves Charlotte so much and I cannot wait to see them together. She is so blessed to have him as her Dad.

And truth be told, it doesn't hurt that this Man is mine to look at forever. Hands off ladies :)

Tonight we are going to our favorite restaurant Mahogany to celebrate.

Below are some of my favorite times with the mister and I know many more are to follow.


Honeymoon in Mexico

Our amazing wedding

Spending time with the pups


Lake Austin

Park City, Utah

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  1. This brought a tear to my eye! No joke. Love you both!