Friday, November 12, 2010

Mother Knows Best

With Charlotte’s arrival quickly approaching it is causing my Mom to begin reflecting on her own motherly skills. My Mom asked me the other day what life lessons she taught me that I will be able to carry on to our sweet and innocent Charlotte Lillian.

A few immediately came to mind:

- The easiest way to remember how to spell words is to associate it with a body part. For example, Apple: Anus-penis-penis-lips- elbow. The racier the body parts the better. Mom said it helps with memorization.

- As we all know too well I do not have the best eating habits. To attempt to address this issue Mom would say, “If you do not eat better your baby is going to have arms coming out of its head and it will be your fault.” I heard this from elementary school to present. Please Charlotte prove her wrong!

- Good hygiene was always a priority for Mom. She developed a cleaning system known to many as the “Ha cha cha cha.” This was to clean and dry the puff. She even gave demonstrations to my all of my friends. Just ask and you shall receive.

- At a young age, well before my legal drinking age, Mom told me that if you ever drink too much and the room is spinning to lie on your back and put one foot on the ground. I was too scared to ask how she knew this trick of the trade but I did find out it later it did work pretty well.

- Germs are always an area concern around the Vaughn household. If she ever caught me or Nick putting money in our mouth she would calmly tell us that money was in somebody’s butt before it was in our mouth. Needless to say, we never put money to our mouth again.

With all kidding aside I know I will be wonderful Mother because my Mom was. Even though her techniques were not out of a Martha Stewart book they worked because it came from her.

I know for a fact Charlotte will learn the following because I learned it from my Mom:

- Caring. I went to volunteer at homeless shelters, an AID’s clinic, a safe haven for abused children, the Special Olympics, and countless other worthy causes. She took me before I could talk all the way through high school. I have many memories from these outings that I cannot wait to repeat with my daughter.

- Self Respect. In high school I worked at Bennigans as a hostess. It was an awful job but I tried to make the best of it. One day Mom came in to eat there and asked why I was polishing all of the brass in the restaurant. I told her it was my punishment because I was chewing gum. Well… Mom was not going to have that. She made me tell my boss right there I was quitting and why. We left together and had a great girl’s day. To us, there is nothing worse than a girl who cannot stand up for herself or beliefs.

- Winning isn’t everything. I am not what you call a stellar athlete. Never was and never will be. I have tried them all: dance, swimming, soccer, basketball, track, volleyball, cheer, you get the point. I sucked at all of them but Mom never allowed that to be an excuse not to try. When we lived in Wyoming she entered me in the Wyoming State Games. This was a HUGE deal for Wyoming. It was when athletes (not wanna be athletes) gathered once a year and competed against each other. I was entered in track. As my race was about to begin I noticed I was the only wearing old reeboxs and not track cleats but still no worries for me. The gun sounded and we were off! Or should I say the other girls were off. Within seconds of the race I knew I stood no chance so I stopped running, looked for my Mom in the stands, found her, gave her a big wave, and finished the race minutes after the other girls. I knew she would be so proud of me for participating and I was right. I pissed the other Moms and athletes off but I did what I was taught to do. Try.

I could honestly go on and on about memories and life lessons my Mom taught me and continues to teach me every day. If I am half the Mom my Mom is to me I will consider it a success.


  1. great post, loved it. I would love to see the demonstration of the "ha cha cha cha," i was dying laughing when i read this.

  2. Oh Sara just ask and you will get the demo!

  3. This is so so so sweet! I love how much you love your mama!