Friday, November 5, 2010

Oh Chloe....

Our sweet, not so attractive Chloe Lane Vaughn White is having the best months of her life right now. She truly believes that everything Charlotte receives is for her including her very own room. She asks her Dad all the time to leave the ladder out so she can get in her bed easier. Chloe loves her new clothes, room, hats, and toys. She said she has been waiting for this day all of her life but thought she would have to marry rich to achieve this status in life. Little does she know in about 3 months this will all be taken away by Charlotte Lillian. God be with us all!
Does this make my butt look big? I hope so!

Move over Blossom. Chloe has arrived

This is perfect for my beauty sleep
Back off Mom. This is mine.

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