Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Proud Daddy's Girl

This afternoon me, my Mom, and Dad attended a funeral for a wonderful and inspirational man. He was the father of a childhood friend of mine that I have so many fond memories of. Funerals always seem to put life in perspective but this one was much different for me. I can't seem to explain why it was different but it just was. I left loving my Dad more than ever and making a promise to myself never to take him or our close relationship for granted. I also couldn't help to think of our Little Lottie about to enter the world and how much impact Josh will have on her. Dad's are irreplaceable. They are our providers who spoil their girls too much, they provide you the truth if you want it or not, they set the standard high for your future partner in life, they see more in you than you do yourselves, they keep your family together when life gives you more than you can handle, they are the definition of what a real man is, they are our protectors, they teach you self respect and never to settle for anything but the best, and so much more. I understand a lot of people are not blessed with the opportunity to have their Dad as a constant in their life or have lost their Dad too early but if you are one of the blessed I challenge you also not to take that for granted. As I saw today in the truest form; Dads are truly irreplaceable.

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