Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stay At Home Mom

I am officially a stay at home Mom. Well, not officially until February but I am determine to become a successful, organized, happy, and did a mention skinny full time Mom. I am starting my quest now so I  can have plenty of time to pull this off. For most people this wouldn't be hard but for me it will be one of my biggest challenges yet. Currently my husband pays the bills, grocery shops, drops the dry cleaning off, cleans the house, takes care of the puppies, and everything in between. This is all about to stop! It is up to me now. I think with practice and patience I can do this, after all it is something I have always wanted to be. I used to be embarrassed when my peers would go around the room and discuss their big career dreams and I knew in my heart I wanted to be a full time Mom. So here is my chance to become the best Mom, wife, family member, friend, Christian, and public servant I can be.

My friend Stephanie recently entered the world as a stay at home Mommy so I am taking her lead on some organizing tips. She is a bit type A when it comes to this stuff so I trust her judgement. Here are some recent purchases I made after her suggestions.

A weekly menu. Ok, get your laughs out now. I am going to TRY to start cooking. I really think sitting down with Josh every Sunday evening and planning our meals will help this process become not so overwhelming. I will get the menu together and go shopping Monday.

Next, a large family calendar that will hang in the laundry room. This is to keep us organized so Josh and I will always know what is going on each others lives. My plan is that this will help alleviate the "oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that I have a softball game tonight when I have already planned to go to book club." I have a feeling communication is going to be key when there is a baby around.

So here we go! Any tips, advice, complaints, and easy recipes are more than welcome. I will all keep you posted of my journey to become a "real woman".


  1. Oh you know I'm happy to help you with that weekly menu! I LOVE the idea of the calendar thing. Maybe the Nevels will try that. We will have so much fun being S.A.H.M's :)

  2. We have a family calendar in our laundry room and it is really really helpful. I probably need to start thinking about a weekly menu. it sure would make grocery shopping less stressful. staying at home is awesome. you will love it!! cooking lessons at my house!!!

  3. Good luck my love!! Its an adjustment for sure, but give it time and embrace it! Just think how many mommies are missing what you are going to have... raising your daughter!!!
    Another tip: get a cute magnetic chalk board or a corkboard (or I'll make you one!) for next to your calender... keep all your invitations and reminders of events there.