Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Warm New Years

We are taking full advantage of this very unexpected nice weather outside. Today we loaded up Charlotte in her new Christmas wagon and headed to the neighborhood park with Chloe and Harold. Days like today make me wonder what we ever did before ever being blessed with our Charlie girl. We have too much fun as parents.

Can You Pass The Sugar Ms. Chloe?

Charlotte and Chloe have been spending a lot of time recently having tea parties. They put on their finest and talk about boys, gossip, and boys.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sesame Street

Charlotte and Sesame Street have a very special relationship. Whenever the show is on she is glued to the TV for the full hour.  I love Sesame Street too because although it is TV it is educational and has great lessons throughout the show.

Last night Josh got an email that Sesame Street Live was coming to OKC in March.

Say what?! We have to do this for our baby bit. This morning I bought us three tickets!!! And they are not just not general admission tickets they are "special" tickets. Josh made sure that we got VIP tickets so Charlotte could go before the show and meet the cast. Yes, we are fully aware that she will either scream in fear or have zero interest but we are new parents and that is what we do. The show is in March so a few weeks after her birthday so we will give her the tickets to her for a birthday present. Shhhh.... Do not tell.

Charlotte + Sesame Street = Best Friends Forever

Monday, December 19, 2011

Follow These Instructions

1. Turn your computer volume up to max
2. Hit play
3. Enjoy
4. Thank me later

Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Christmas

My Uncles Are Better Than Yours

Charlotte is one lucky little lady. Her Uncle Terry and Ira got her some ah-mazing Christmas presents. All you really need to know is that they went shopping at Bergdorff Goodman.

Here are two of her gorgeous new dresses: (And YES, one is Christian Dior)

Charlotte is our very own Baby Bradshaw 

Dead Dog Tired

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Do Over

As we all know my first attempt to PJ day did not turn out as planned (and if you don't know click here) so today we gave it another shot. So far so good!

Harold reading Twas The Night Before Christmas to his girls

Don't feel sorry for Harold. PJ's didn't come in XXL for weight but Medium for height. He understands.  He is working on it.

Now Charlotte wanted to give it a try to she but she struggled with the words

She gave up and decided to play Santa and ask Chloe what she wanted for Christmas

 Too bad Chloe has been a naughty girl......

 Pattycake with Chloe

 This is not one of Chloe's favorite times in her life

Chloe's strategy is to be very still and not make a peep thinking the rug rat forgot about her.

Yup, Chloe outsmarted her again!

Monday, December 12, 2011

So That Is What Is Wrong With Me


Josh and I became increasingly frustrated with all the baby junk overflowing in our house and it didn't seem to matter how much you picked up it never went away. So the decision was made to get rid of our home office and turn into a playroom for our princess. Let's just say it was the best decision ever. At the end of the day we can throw everything back into that room and it is gone. Also, Charlotte and I starting to spend a lot of our days in her room since there is a TV in there for Mom.

I think the room has turned out pretty darn cute thanks to the help of friends. The gorgeous bookcase came from one of my best friends Dad, Jim, who made it for Kate and it was too big for her house so I lucked out with it. Is it not the best?! Then my friend Russhel made the darling curtains. I think they tie in everything so well. If you ever need pillows or curtains made she is the girl. Lastly, I stole the art clip idea and quote from Maggie. Thanks friend! All I need now is a bright color rug and I think we are in good shape.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Here Comes Santa

Saturday we met my parents at the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club for an afternoon of Santa fun. Their club is wonderful for having great events for children during the holidays. They had Santa, an elf doing magic tricks (Charlotte's personal favorite), cookie decorations, balloon animals, face painting, and a great brunch to end the day. I think it is safe to say we enjoyed the day more than Charlotte. It is exciting to think how much Charlotte will have next year.

A Christmas Vision

A pep talk before meeting the big St. Nick

Charlotte said "Hold up, stranger danger"

"Mom, get this Man away from me NOW"

The elf magic show. Notice the boy drinking espresso. 

Charlotte LOVED this. She kept clapping with excitement.

Balloon animals 

Cookie decorating 

Face/hand decorating

Their beautiful tree