Friday, February 18, 2011

Charlotte Lillian White

She is here! She is here! God is good. Our baby girl is here!

I will write more later regarding Charlotte's arrival and our first week but I wanted to seize the opportunity of her napping to post a few pictures of our girl.

Charlotte Lillian arrived fashionably late on February 12th, 2:20 a.m. weighing a healthy 7lbs 13oz, a long 21 inches, and a full head of hair.

First picture (Yes, I look awful but you would to after 12 plus hours of labor)

I so pretty

First morning. Bright eyed and bushy tailed

I spy Charlotte

Love at first sight

Aunt Kitt came to visit

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Time is HERE!!

The time is here! I leave for the hospital in just a few hours. As you can imagine, or maybe not imagine, so many thoughts are running through my head. Bottom line, I am ready to meet this girl I have been praying for and dreaming of for almost a year.

My thoughts are all over the place:

- What will she look like?
- What will Josh do when he sees his baby girl?
- Will I miss my selfish life?
- Am I going to survive labor?
- I hope I loose this baby weight.
- What will the dogs think?
- Will I miss being pregnant? Highly doubt it but maybe.
- What will her personality be?

I always wondered what I would feel like the night before labor. I am surprisingly calm, maybe too calm. The calm before the storm if you will.  I just think it has not hit me. I mean I can be holding my Charlotte this time tomorrow. CRAZY but so amazing. God is just so good. Thank you all for the prayers and thoughts these past few months. I cannot wait to post pictures of my DAUGHTER and tell you all about her. Until then......

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Where Dreams Really Do Come True

As a young girl I always dreamed about going to Disney World and the Playboy mansion. My Mom and Dad always told me they would take me but like many of their empty promises it did not come true. I think my luck is about to change in a big way. My Mom has been packing my bag with all of my new clothes and she has conveniently left the bag packed and ready to go in my room. I see Micky Mouse and Goofy in my near future.

See below

I know my parents got the idea from the new Disney World commercial. Every time it comes on I cross my fingers, toes, and 6 nipples that someday I too will receive this news.

I just cannot believe in the last few months I have gotten a new room, new clothes, my own seat in the car, and now Disney World. I would have stopped stripping for the neighbor boys a long time ago if I knew this is how they would reward me.

Your dirty Disney princess,
Chloe Lane Vaughn White