Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Time is HERE!!

The time is here! I leave for the hospital in just a few hours. As you can imagine, or maybe not imagine, so many thoughts are running through my head. Bottom line, I am ready to meet this girl I have been praying for and dreaming of for almost a year.

My thoughts are all over the place:

- What will she look like?
- What will Josh do when he sees his baby girl?
- Will I miss my selfish life?
- Am I going to survive labor?
- I hope I loose this baby weight.
- What will the dogs think?
- Will I miss being pregnant? Highly doubt it but maybe.
- What will her personality be?

I always wondered what I would feel like the night before labor. I am surprisingly calm, maybe too calm. The calm before the storm if you will.  I just think it has not hit me. I mean I can be holding my Charlotte this time tomorrow. CRAZY but so amazing. God is just so good. Thank you all for the prayers and thoughts these past few months. I cannot wait to post pictures of my DAUGHTER and tell you all about her. Until then......

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