Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Meet My Little Sister

Gurl, was I tricked or what. My Mum and Dad left for two nights and me and H.E. went to say at our grandparents house. I just knew Dad was taking my Mum to fat camp because lets be honest, things were not looking good for her. But NOPE... They returned with a baby. Yes, a baby. They could have warned me. At first I did not like this thing they call Charlotte. All she does is pee, poop, eat, sleep, and keep my Mum up all night which means we do not get our nightly snuggle time. But if you promise not to tell anyone, I am starting to like this thing. She is kinda cute and squeaks like a little kitty cat all day. I always wanted a kitty cat. Mum says I am her big sister so I need to be a good role model to her which basically means no dirty dancing, smoking, drinking, and cursing around her. I am not sure who I am without my favorite activities so as I try to rediscover myself I will leave you with these pictures of my little sister and me.

Love to your mother,
Chlo my Low

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