Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our Boy Buster

Dear my Uncle B,

I want thank you for a wonderful 13 years. I will never forget when Mom and I went and picked you out. The funny part was your were the runt of your litter. Little did we know at that time you would be the biggest lab known to man. We instantly fell in love with you.

You stood by me through the high school drama, moving away in college, marriage, loss of family members, and having a baby. I always knew you would be there tapping your tail every time I saw you.

I also need to thank you for taking care of my Mom for all of these years. You two were quite the pair. When Mom and Dad moved away from me I knew you were always by Moms side taking care of her and keeping her company. I know Dad appreciated as much as I did.

You were the best. I mean the very best. You gave our family so many wonderful memories and never failed to make our days better. I love you so very much and I am so happy you are pain free now. I just know you are in doggie heaven catching all the tennis balls you want.

I love you and thank you,


  1. aww Ashley, what a sweet post. I think 100%, without a doubt, that all dogs go to heaven. He is up there chillin with Denver!

  2. Love you Buster!!! Have fun with Dixie Rebel!!

  3. I love you Buster! You will be dearly missed. I am thinking about my BFFs. Love you all!!

  4. Buster, I met you the first day you became a Vaughn and I've loved you from that day forward. I'll never forget the romantic weekend we shared while I was house-sitting and the flowers you sent me after ;) You are missed already!!! XOXO

  5. Buster was the Best!