Friday, April 22, 2011

First Time Meeting The Bun

Charlotte was extremely nervous to meet one of the men of Easter. Knowing she cannot meet "THE MAN" above we talk to at night we took her to meet the other important man of Easter; the Easter bunny. On the way she asked me and her Dad all sorts of questions: Will he like my dress? Will he bite me? If so, how hard? Will he smell like grass because I don't like the smell of grass? Will he know I pee in my panties? Does he know how to swim? What does his pajamas look like? Does he brush his teeth? Where is his Mom and Dad? Is he married? Is he registered to vote?  Will he look at my panties because they match today? Does his panties match today? Then half way there she wanted to turn around and go home just to change her hair bow. It was exhausting for all three of us.

Finally.... they meet.

Charlotte said it was her best day yet!

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