Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cough Due To Cold

Little bit has a cold. A nasty cold. We are doing everything in our power to beat this cold but so far it is a losing battle.

Wednesday Charlotte and I went to Target and bought out the cold section. Thank goodness it is the middle of summer and my child is the only one with a cold.

Charlotte has some tips that she would like to pass along to other "victims" of acute viral rhinopharyngitis.  (Charlotte is assisting we refer to her crud as the medical term). 

Step 1: 
Vicks Baby Rub on the feet are a must

Step 2:
Soothing Vapor Bubble Baths don't only feel good but do a body good as well

Step 3:
A little steam never hurt anyone

Step 4:
Sleep with your Mommy and Daddy but make sure you are in an upright position at all times

Charlotte says, "I hope we these four steps you are on your hands and feet crawling in no time at all. Feel better friends!"


  1. Hahahahaha only Charlotte could turn a cold into something this humorous. LOVE the family pic in bed!

  2. feew bettew soon, giwlfwiend!
    wub, gweybeaw