Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Welcome Home

Welcome home.... Yeah right! Landing in Oklahoma City after a 12 hour traveling day the pilot says, "Welcome to Oklahoma City. The current time is 10:55 p.m. and the current temperate is 100 degrees." Ummmm..... Is it too late to turn around?

Why does traveling stink so bad??? The whole process is just awful. It really does make you wonder if it is even worth going anywhere or maybe that is just me. Or maybe it was the fact we chose to travel international for the first time when we flew with Charlotte. Bless her heart. She was such a trooper that girl. She really did amazingly well. If it was half way appropriate for me to have a screaming melt down in the plane I would have too. The only "issue" we had was when we finally boarded the plane leaving Turk and Caicos. Charlotte was beyond the point of hot and tired. We all were. We got to our seats and she immediately starting screaming. Not the kinda okay annoying baby screaming I mean the silent screaming to bloody murder screaming. By far the worse breakdown to date. A really sweet (I am being very sarcastic) lady sitting two seats away from me said to her husband "Good thing we brought our noise reduction headphones." She made a point for me to hear it. I wanted to punch her in her botox ugly face. What happen to women sticking together? The positive was Charlotte's extreme meltdown wore her out so bad she slept the remaining 3 hour flight. Thank goodness!!!

Other than the traveling the trip was the best! I love my family so very much and it was great having a full week with Josh to myself. 

Here are a few pictures: 

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