Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It Started Off Good

This morning was off to a good start when Charlotte and I began the day with nice early morning walk. It was surprisingly cool this morning so we took advantage.

As expected the walk made the little bit sleepy so as she napped I took a shower. As any Mom knows, taking a shower when your baby is sleeping is comparable to the pressure of taking your timed ACT test. Your minutes are very limited and count. At anytime your shower can be very rudely interrupted regardless if you are in mid shave. I guess the pressure got the best of me this morning or it was the fact I was overwhelmed with the excitement that I not only got to wash my hair but shave as well because I screwed it all up in a big way. I thought to myself, why not continue this trend of my awesome and productive morning and top it off with some new smelly good lotion, right? WRONG!

I began to hear Charlotte on the monitor and I knew I had seconds to spare to slather on my lotion. I literally soaked myself head to toe with "Country Chic" and threw on clothes. As I ran to Charlotte's room I already noticed I am not the only one slipping and sliding but my clothes are too. I thought to myself "This is some heavy duty moisturizer" but go about being a Mom. I can barely hold Charlotte in my arms without dropping her between my shiny knees. I have to go get socks because I need traction. When I am in my bathroom I look at this heavy duty "lotion" and notice the four key words I seemed to miss: TRIPLE MOISTURE SHOWER CREAM.

Well crap!  Me and my baby are now covered in Country Chic triple moisture shower cream. What now you ask???  I do what any Mom of a 6 month baby would do..... We both had a baby wipe sponge bath. Charlotte and I now smell like a lovely mix of summer flowers and a babies ass.

After that fiasco Charlotte had some peaches and teething toys while I enjoyed a much needed three cups of coffee.

(Self timer if you were confused)

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  1. Maybe that baby ass/flower combo could be a new bath and body works fragrance. :)