Tuesday, August 30, 2011


As we know I got a new sister in February. Whoopdy freaking do. That is all everyone talked about. My favorite people would come over to visit me and walk right past me. You don't understand how bad that hurts. It is like a soccer punch to my puff. So for several months I retaliated. I was upset. Who wouldn't be? I drank. A lot. I smoked, slept around, didn't come home at night, my language was dirtier than dirty, and my spending habits were at their worse, QVC is my weakness, but my street walking kept them afloat.

I knew it was time to change when I saw my brother Harold Eugene bonding with the Monster. He was with her all the time. I guess he had to make up for my sluttly self. I heard him telling the Monster lies where I was. He would usually say I was building houses for the homeless or counseling teenage mothers. It was hard to change. Changing meant I had to give up everything fun for this smelly rolly polly to pull my hair all day.

BUT..... I am happy to report I am a new woman. I am a great big sister to Charlotte Lillian who I often refer to as my Charlie girl. She really isn't half bad. Actually, she is pretty great.

Chloe Lane Vaughn-White

P.S. Don't look under my bed......


  1. Oh my I needed a little bit of Chloe badness in my life today. Tell her I love her and can only imagine the grief she's endured. And to call Teddy the next time she wants to get wasted.

  2. What a mature slut you've become, Chloe. I'm really proud of you. And the pictures of you and your sis next to each other (taring at heaven-knows-what) it's my favorite!