Sunday, September 25, 2011

Boomer Baby

Charlotte has no other choice but to root for the Oklahoma Sooners. I am completely outnumbered by being a Poke fan but let's be frank here, I really do not care. I want the Sooners and the Pokes both to win and when they play each other I want them to tie. Can you tie in football games? I need to google that.

Every Friday night before Charlotte goes to bed she lays out her Sooner gear. As Charlotte is laying out her OU dress, panties, bow, and socks she tells me that all OU Cheerleaders do this. Charlotte also told me that is not unusual for her to have nightmares Friday night about forgetting to wear her bloomers when she is cheering. I have to reassure her that I will always pack an extra pair of panties for her and she seems to calm down. Such a drama queen.

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