Saturday, September 3, 2011

Off Da Wagon

Mental Movie: As I write this post I am sitting in my elastic britches eating Josh's strawberry birthday cake as he watches the OU Football game. 

Here is the good, the bad, and the ugly:
The Good: I am pre-baby weight
The Bad: Pre-baby weight is nothing to get excited about. I was a chub who couldn't fit in her clothes before I got pregnant and I purchased maternity jeans the week I found out I was expecting. Thank you, Charlotte.
The Ugly: I have ten more pounds to loose to be at a realistic and healthy weight. I have done nothing to accomplish this goal in weeks. 

The truth is I have a totally new outlook of my weight loss than I did 6 months ago. After I had Charlotte I was really hard on myself and I wanted all the weight off immediately and when it didn't come off it made me mad at myself. Not anymore. It is no secret I gained a lot of weight when I was pregnant. Was it too much weight? Not sure and I really do not care. I have a healthy baby girl and that is all I care about at this point. I am proud of myself that I have lost this much weight. If I could give any advice to Mothers to be is that don't be hard on yourself like I was. It is so not worth it. Remind yourself it took a full 9 months to gain the weight and chances are it will take that much to loose it. And if you are one of the blessed girls that loose it before you leave the hospital (I can name a few of you skinny bitches but I won't) than good for you!!!

So come Tuesday I am back on the pain train. Kinda... I still haven't worked out post Charlotte. Ok, who am I kidding???? Post high school. Wish me luck to eating healthy and practicing portion control.

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