Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Pappou

Charlotte's heart belongs to her Pappou. I have a very sneaky suspension these two will share a special bond forever.

Pappou + Charlotte = Best Friends

Pooch Parade

Today the White Family along with Beanie, Pappou, and Ruff went to Nichols Hills Halloween Pooch Parade. It was too much fun seeing all of the pooches in their Halloween get up's.

Our pumpkin ready for the Pooch Parade

Loving this pumpkin'

Clapping for the pups

Me and my girl

Band mates 

You are OUT! 

It is Rumble!!! (He was my favorite)

Ride em' Cowboy (please excuse her crack) 

Scary Spider 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Mini Me

Some might say I am laid back. Maybe even too laid back. I remember going to donate blood a few years ago and getting turned away because my blood pressure was too low. I mean seriously??? I have a very scary feeling my Little Bit has the same low blood pressure pumping through her veins.

This is a picture as we enter Target yesterday.

Alert and ready to tackle the grocery list

Less than 15 minutes later she lost all interest and assumed this position for the remainder 30 minutes of shopping. I just knew somebody was going to report me to DHS for sedating my baby. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Josh and I really struggle with Charlotte in the evenings. She is very fussy and somewhat of a monster, a pretty monster, but a monster. I swear she would go to bed at 5pm if we would let her. This evening was no different. We were sitting outside trying everything we could to entertain her and nothing seemed to work. Of course, our patience was running thin. By the time the princess went to bed we were pooped and thought we had it bad.

Then I read this blog:
(Explanation of the pictures: After the walk we will be heading up to spend some quality time withOakes. We have an amazingly special afternoon planned. Oakes will be taking his first trip to the rooftop garden! The garden will be closed just for the four of us. We will head up with a few nurses, a respiratory therapist, and possibly the attending doctor. We will be met by a photographer who will document the entire visit. Oakes has not opened his eyes since the paralytic was turned off so I don't think he will see the autumnal colored leaves and pumpkins that are decorating the garden, but I know he will feel the cool air, and the sunshine. He will hear the bubbling water, birds chirping and of course the joyful voices of Isla, Greg and myself. This trip has been in the works for a couple of weeks now, and has taken quite some work to coordinate. Actually, such a trip has never happened for a patient in the CICU, so we are thrilled to be the first. We are thrilled to bring Oakes outside, thrilled to do something normal, and as a family. We are thrilled to get family photos, and document our awesome little crew.
You can imagine that coordinating outfits are laid out, special blankets and props are already in the car. By the time this email update is sent out tomorrow we will likely be on the roof, soaking up our afternoon with each other.)

I am not sure if I have mention this miracle little boy before but he is on my heart constantly. His name is Oakes, appropriately referred to as Mighty Oakes, and he is my dear friend Tina's nephew. I am not going to act like I know how to explain his medical issues but all I know is he needs ALL of our CONSTANT prayers and thoughts.

Anyways... my point of this whole post was that it is easy to get wrapped up in our daily struggles and forget to look at the big picture. If Mighty Oakes and the Ortyl's can have a great day visiting a rooftop garden at the hospital with 6 nurses, 1 doctor, tons of medical machines, only for one hour then surely I can make the best out of a fussy evening baby.  So thank you to Mighty Oakes and the amazing Ortyl family for showing me how little my problems are and to look at the big picture.

My promise to Mighty Oakes is that Charlotte and I will continue to pray for you daily and do our best not to take anything for granted. Keep fighting. And to my 3-5 friends who read this blog please pray for Oakes and his family. Oakes daily proves the power of prayer.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

E for Effort

Well we tried. That is all I can say about me and Stephanie's attempt today to get some adorable pictures of the girls in their Halloween ensembles. These pictures perfectly represent what is is like being around three babies under the age of 1. Nothing turns out the way you want or expect. We had tongues out, eyes closed, bows off, and everything in between.

Sophie: Great job!
Charlotte: Eyes OPEN!
Campbell: Over here....

Where do I start?
Oh no, Campbell is on the move. 

Notice Sophie's bow is now off and she is taking Charlotte's off as well.

We will take it!!!

Campbell Jane

Sophie Kay

Charlotte Lillian 

Favorite picture of the day:

Monday, October 10, 2011

Peek A Boo Baby

I am sure most Moms would agree that one of the best things to do as a Mom is to sit back and watch your baby learn and discover new things on their own. Charlotte recently discovered a book her Aunt Christy gave her called Peek a Boo Baby and she cannot get enough of the mirror on the last page. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yes, Again

More pumpkin and fall pictures......

Last weekend was pumpkin patch day at the club so Charlotte could not miss that naturally. Also, her Beanie invited her to Under the Sun to pick out some pumpkins so we had to do that as well. We have been one busy family enjoying all of these fall activities. I wish it did not have to end.