Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Do Over

As we all know my first attempt to PJ day did not turn out as planned (and if you don't know click here) so today we gave it another shot. So far so good!

Harold reading Twas The Night Before Christmas to his girls

Don't feel sorry for Harold. PJ's didn't come in XXL for weight but Medium for height. He understands.  He is working on it.

Now Charlotte wanted to give it a try to she but she struggled with the words

She gave up and decided to play Santa and ask Chloe what she wanted for Christmas

 Too bad Chloe has been a naughty girl......

 Pattycake with Chloe

 This is not one of Chloe's favorite times in her life

Chloe's strategy is to be very still and not make a peep thinking the rug rat forgot about her.

Yup, Chloe outsmarted her again!


  1. OMG. Just when I think you can't come up with anymore creative poses, you totally outdo yourself! Hysterical! My fave is Char and Chlo playing Santa. Hahaha

  2. I am so in love! You are absolutely hilarious!!! xoxo meg