Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sesame Street

Charlotte and Sesame Street have a very special relationship. Whenever the show is on she is glued to the TV for the full hour.  I love Sesame Street too because although it is TV it is educational and has great lessons throughout the show.

Last night Josh got an email that Sesame Street Live was coming to OKC in March.

Say what?! We have to do this for our baby bit. This morning I bought us three tickets!!! And they are not just not general admission tickets they are "special" tickets. Josh made sure that we got VIP tickets so Charlotte could go before the show and meet the cast. Yes, we are fully aware that she will either scream in fear or have zero interest but we are new parents and that is what we do. The show is in March so a few weeks after her birthday so we will give her the tickets to her for a birthday present. Shhhh.... Do not tell.

Charlotte + Sesame Street = Best Friends Forever

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