Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Old, Fabulous, and Stylin'

Who said being over 80 had to be frumpy and boring? Not these women!!! I just love them for their confidence and style. What a great example they are for other seniors and for every age bracket as well. I  fell in love with all of them but I think the 90 year old with the fake eyelashes was my fav.  

Let's toast to be being this fabulous at 80 plus!!! 


Monday, January 30, 2012

Three's A Crowd

Today we had a play date with the Nevels and Gaines twins. Charlotte is now suffering from some low self esteem because she was the only one without a twin. She told me everywhere she went she was the third wheel.

Charlotte was busy online shopping to buy their friendship during this picture

"Look Harper and Tatum, I look just like you! I swear on milk we are triplets." -Charlotte

"Ok, this is just embarrassing. Next time Co Co is coming with me." -Charlotte

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chef Charlotte

Somebody really cute who lives in the White House, other than me,  has a birthday coming up in a few weeks. Josh worked for several hours tonight to get one of her birthday presents ready for the big day. Well let's be honest here, she will have it before the "big day". It was a project to say the least. We should have known to be scared when the box it came in was the size of Charlotte's shoe box and the outcome would be a play kitchen.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Two Monkeys In The Bed

I recently moved Charlotte to one nap a day and it is so much better. She has been taking a solid 2 hour nap rather than 2 half way decent naps throughout the day. My only complaint it is in the middle of the day but what you win some and you lose some in motherhood. I lost this one.

Today Charlotte was waking up from another two hour nap so I thought I would join her for extra snuggle time. The whole time I was praying the bed wouldn't give out and both of us chubs wouldn't end up on the floor. Josh would be so thrilled when he got home to a new project.

"Want to have a slumber party tonight, Mom?"

"Seriously lady, do ever stop talking?!"

"That was cute but it is time for a snack."

"What the hell are you doing now, Mom" -Chloe Lane

"Is this why I am not allowed in the nursery? If so, that is discrimination." -Harold Eugene

It is HERE

Anthropologie is set to open tomorrow. Yippie dippie!!! I played a game with my family, yes we still play these games, and the question was: if you had to shop at one boutique solely what it be? I picked Anthro. I love their style and quality. I think it is classic but still different if that makes sense. Click here for the NewsOk report on the new store.

This is my wish list so far:

I would love to come home with this vase full of flowers.

Baby's Handprint in a Tin... How Clever!

Love the simplicity of this dress


Love this cover up for the pool and a beach trip

Reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. So sweet

Now who is going to give me $878.00??? Let's go shoppin'!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What Happened To Me?

As I was driving the little bit to Mother's Day Out this morning I dumped out my entire cup of coffee in my cup holder. It took me .5 seconds to grab a diaper and allow it to do its magic. It worked better than a ShamWow.  Then reality hit me: I was way too proud of myself.  So proud I took pictures and asked Charlotte to clap for me. Who am I? It would take me countless hours to write a successful grant proposal these days but damnit I can think of my feet. Don't worry about being embarrassed for me. I already am.

Not to worry...

Diaper to the rescue

Tah Dah
 And here is Charlotte before her third week of MDO. She is doing so great and seems to really be loving it. I love, love. love Southern Hills. I feel so lucky that she gets to go there.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dada's Home

Charlotte loves to wait for her Dada to come home from work by the window. She will start giggling and bouncing when she sees his truck pull into the driveway. The routine is for him to get out of the truck, come to the window, and they pull the truck in together.

Happy TGIF!!!!

The Last Text

Josh's coworker sent this to him and he passed it along to me. I admit that I occasionally text in the car but after seeing this my phone is back in the glove box. Please take 10 minutes out of your busy day and watch this. 

I am so sure a text is worth this. Makes you feel stupid for ever texting while driving, doesn't it?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just Because I am a Mom

You can say my life has changed. As it does for most women who have a baby or it should anyways. I went from working for a U.S. Senator, then  being a Director of Development at a Non-profit organization, to a stay at home Mom.  Sometimes I feel that Moms are so misunderstood. Just because I am a Mom doesn't mean who I am has changed. So it leads me to this:

Just because I am a Mom:

....it doesn't mean I stay home in pajamas all day and sleep when Charlotte sleeps
... it doesn't mean I have lost sight of my dreams and goals
... it doesn't mean I  don't long for girls nights and or better yet; girl weekends
... it doesn't mean I have any clue what I am doing as a Mom
.... it doesn't mean I have lost sight of who I am and what I stand for
... it doesn't mean I wouldn't love a day not to think about feedings, nap times, and schedules.
... it doesn't mean that all I want to talk about with other women is babies and kids. I have more to offer to a conversation
... it doesn't mean I don't miss my post baby body but I moved on from that months ago
... it doesn't mean I don't miss eating out where I can enjoy my food and  not passing out toys and snacks with my free hand.
... it doesn't mean I would love a sick day when I feel like crap

At the end of the day no job I have had has had better rewards. It is not easy but it is fun, I mean really fun. I laugh more with Charlotte than I have ever laughed in my life. Yes, there are hard days and even awful days but what great things in life do not require hard work?

I mean how could you not laugh at this?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Crew Bear

Today the sweet and crazy Crew bear had his birthday party at gymboree. All the kiddos had a wonderful time! Thanks for including us, Michaels family.

The Birthday Boy!!!

All smiles here

Wants to play with the big kids

Charlotte with her favorite twin friends

Why are we the only ones following directions?

I love my Sophie hugs

Ok, not too sure about this

Still not too sure about this

This is more Charlotte's speed

In a few weeks Charlotte will have her very own birthday balloons 

Time to go home....

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cabin Fever

Charlotte did not sleep last night. No clue why. Josh and I found ourselves driving around Oklahoma City at 3am to put our party animal to bed. Although it did work for the moment she was back up in a few hours. The three of us are pooped, tired of looking at each other, and suffering from cabin fever.

Do not judge us in our state of weakness please.

**** New Developments: We do know why Charlotte was up all night last night now. Our Charlie girl has an ear infection. We took her to the new Kids 1st Pediatric After Clinic and we really liked it. If your tiny one is ever sick in the evening our weekend I suggest you taking them here. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I recently signed up for birchbox. It is a company for $10.00 a month sends you 4-5 beauty products to sample. I had no clue what to expect but I love two things;  getting mail and girl stuff so I thought it was a win/win. Today I recieved my first birchox.

I have to say I am not totally impressed with my goodies but not totally disappointed either. There was a tiny perfume sample, a good size nail polish, lip gloss, a weird energy bar, and my favorite was an anti-aging serum that was a good size and will last for a bit.

 I will keep you posted on next months goodies. 

Life Lesson From Chloe

Charlotte: "Hey Co Co, Why don't they other neighborhood kids like us?"

Chloe: "It is because we are pretty. Bitches be jealous. Get used to it."

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Splurge Alert

Sometimes you need to splurge. I know it cannot happen all the time but sometimes you should on certain things or save up until you can. Or better yet, receive them as gifts!

Here are some of my favorite items I have that are a splurge:

1. Paige Denim in Hidden Hills
I have these in bootcut and skinny. These are great because they are higher waisted than the "typical" designer jean for us who suffer from post baby bottom/muffin top. They have minimal stretch and the Memphis color is very flattering. By far my favorite jean in the past few years. Worth the investment.

2. Jewelry
I am awful about changing out my jewelry to match outfits and I literally wear the same staple pieces everyday. Thankfully I have gotten some great pieces from my hubby and parents. My favorite (besides my wedding ring) is my Michelle watch, Roberto Coin hoop earrings, and a Roberto Coin Diamond necklace.

3. Oh Louis Louis
I love, love, love bags. Who doesn't???? I think this Louis Vuitton Speedy bag is great because it is timeless and a great size. I also have big news to report that in a few days I will be receiving a gorgeous new Louis on my doorstep. This one hopefully will be big enough to throw all of Charlotte's loot in. My hope is that it will give me and my outfit an extra kick in my step!

4. Sonicare Toothbrush
Seems silly but it is a luxury to have a nice toothbrush like this. My dentist, the one and only Dr. Waugh, noticed a big difference once I switched over. Plus I feel like my toothies are so much cleaner after getting a deep cleaning with this gem.

5. Tory Burch Eddie Ballet Flat
Josh got me these shoes for Christmas. He picked these out all on his own. Aren't you impressed?! I was! I love these so much. There are so much more comfortable than her other Reva ballet flats I have. Not sure why but they are. They can go casual or dressy.

Mother's Day Out

 A really big day at the White house today. As I am writing this post I am drinking coffee, watching my gay best friend Anderson Cooper, and Chloe is perched on my lap. Our little bit is away from me for the very first time at Southern Hill's Mother's Day Out. This morning was a bit tough dropping her off. I had second thoughts if I was making the right decision and I got really close to doing a drive by and turning around once we got there. I really didn't think Charlotte would cry when I handed her over and I was right. I am hoping and praying Charlotte is making new friends and having the best day.

Her very sweet and considerate teacher Miss Tori has already texted me these two pictures:

Smiles so far

Feeding her new friend Cooper