Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just Because I am a Mom

You can say my life has changed. As it does for most women who have a baby or it should anyways. I went from working for a U.S. Senator, then  being a Director of Development at a Non-profit organization, to a stay at home Mom.  Sometimes I feel that Moms are so misunderstood. Just because I am a Mom doesn't mean who I am has changed. So it leads me to this:

Just because I am a Mom:

....it doesn't mean I stay home in pajamas all day and sleep when Charlotte sleeps
... it doesn't mean I have lost sight of my dreams and goals
... it doesn't mean I  don't long for girls nights and or better yet; girl weekends
... it doesn't mean I have any clue what I am doing as a Mom
.... it doesn't mean I have lost sight of who I am and what I stand for
... it doesn't mean I wouldn't love a day not to think about feedings, nap times, and schedules.
... it doesn't mean that all I want to talk about with other women is babies and kids. I have more to offer to a conversation
... it doesn't mean I don't miss my post baby body but I moved on from that months ago
... it doesn't mean I don't miss eating out where I can enjoy my food and  not passing out toys and snacks with my free hand.
... it doesn't mean I would love a sick day when I feel like crap

At the end of the day no job I have had has had better rewards. It is not easy but it is fun, I mean really fun. I laugh more with Charlotte than I have ever laughed in my life. Yes, there are hard days and even awful days but what great things in life do not require hard work?

I mean how could you not laugh at this?

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  1. Just looking at that face makes everything better!!!