Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cabin Fever

Charlotte did not sleep last night. No clue why. Josh and I found ourselves driving around Oklahoma City at 3am to put our party animal to bed. Although it did work for the moment she was back up in a few hours. The three of us are pooped, tired of looking at each other, and suffering from cabin fever.

Do not judge us in our state of weakness please.

**** New Developments: We do know why Charlotte was up all night last night now. Our Charlie girl has an ear infection. We took her to the new Kids 1st Pediatric After Clinic and we really liked it. If your tiny one is ever sick in the evening our weekend I suggest you taking them here. 

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  1. I will now be referring to Josh as in Spears. So hilarious. How lucky Char is to have such crazy/nutty parents like you guys. The windshield wipers were my fave.