Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mother's Day Out

 A really big day at the White house today. As I am writing this post I am drinking coffee, watching my gay best friend Anderson Cooper, and Chloe is perched on my lap. Our little bit is away from me for the very first time at Southern Hill's Mother's Day Out. This morning was a bit tough dropping her off. I had second thoughts if I was making the right decision and I got really close to doing a drive by and turning around once we got there. I really didn't think Charlotte would cry when I handed her over and I was right. I am hoping and praying Charlotte is making new friends and having the best day.

Her very sweet and considerate teacher Miss Tori has already texted me these two pictures:

Smiles so far

Feeding her new friend Cooper

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  1. Go Mommy and Go Char!!! Welcome to the best thing ever (MDO)... :)