Thursday, January 26, 2012

Two Monkeys In The Bed

I recently moved Charlotte to one nap a day and it is so much better. She has been taking a solid 2 hour nap rather than 2 half way decent naps throughout the day. My only complaint it is in the middle of the day but what you win some and you lose some in motherhood. I lost this one.

Today Charlotte was waking up from another two hour nap so I thought I would join her for extra snuggle time. The whole time I was praying the bed wouldn't give out and both of us chubs wouldn't end up on the floor. Josh would be so thrilled when he got home to a new project.

"Want to have a slumber party tonight, Mom?"

"Seriously lady, do ever stop talking?!"

"That was cute but it is time for a snack."

"What the hell are you doing now, Mom" -Chloe Lane

"Is this why I am not allowed in the nursery? If so, that is discrimination." -Harold Eugene

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