Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What Happened To Me?

As I was driving the little bit to Mother's Day Out this morning I dumped out my entire cup of coffee in my cup holder. It took me .5 seconds to grab a diaper and allow it to do its magic. It worked better than a ShamWow.  Then reality hit me: I was way too proud of myself.  So proud I took pictures and asked Charlotte to clap for me. Who am I? It would take me countless hours to write a successful grant proposal these days but damnit I can think of my feet. Don't worry about being embarrassed for me. I already am.

Not to worry...

Diaper to the rescue

Tah Dah
 And here is Charlotte before her third week of MDO. She is doing so great and seems to really be loving it. I love, love. love Southern Hills. I feel so lucky that she gets to go there.


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  2. You are really a genius... I would never have thought of that. The clapping was well deserved.