Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baby Be Cray Cray

This baby be cray cray. Chlo my low and yours truly do our best to be top dog siblings but this has just gone too far. Today Charlie played dress up in her room for nearly a damn hour and we were the victims. She kept saying things like "work it gurl" and "you are hot". Sick. What really chaps my buns is my Mom didn't say a word because it kept the brat busy. Doesn't my Mom realize it is events just like this that drives Chlo to drink and me to smoke? She is practically begging us to relapse. As we speak Chlo is snookered and on hold with PETA. And me, you don't want to know what I am doing right now.

Victim #1: Harold Eugene

Please Charlie. Don't make me. I don't want to "work" it.

I am too mortified to look

Cowboy Casanova

Does this make my bum look big?

I have to admit; I dig this hat.

OH NO!!! Not the sunglasses. Please not the sunglasses!

The sunglasses

Chlo my low was the grand finale and she did not disappoint. But does she ever?


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