Monday, February 13, 2012


Charlotte Lillian turned the big O-N-E on Sunday. We had a wonderful day surrounded by the people who love Charlotte the most, our family. Minus a few key family members most of us were there and celebrated the day together.

Here are some pictures of the day:

Starting a tradition of sleeping in birthday jammies the night before: 

My Mom always cooked my brother and I green eggs and ham for our birthday breakfast. Why you ask? No idea but she did so I will too.

She didn't touch the eggs or ham but the tradition is what counts, right? Next she got her first birthday present and it was a hit. She threw her first true fit when we got her out to change her.

We didn't do much or any decorations at my parents house but I did make a timeline with her monthly pictures on it. It is crazy to see how much a baby changes in just one year.

We ordered her cupcakes and smash cake from Sugar in Oklahoma City. I have to say I was very disappointed and wouldn't recommend for others.  For the cost it was no different than a store bought cake and they were pricey. They tasted fine (nothing special) but the quality was very poor. You cannot tell in the cupcake pictures but her cake was pretty bad.

Charlotte was spoiled with all of her family in attendance

And finally pictures of the lovely birthday girl!!!

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