Monday, February 6, 2012

Round 2

Our Charlie Girl has an ear infection. Her infection from a few weeks ago never cleared up leaving it to get worse. Luckily Josh has the motherly instinct I lack and suggested we go to the after hours clinic yesterday. It was a good thing because the doctor said it was pretty bad. Charlotte is also teething and the doctor was laughing at how swollen her gums were. That pissed Charlotte off. She didn't think any of this was a laughing matter (especially her baby boobies in the below picture).

Josh and I think this is the worst we have ever seen our baby gal. She literally refused to go to bed and would scream every time we would lay her down. I was bracing for impact in my head because I knew I was really in for it tonight and Charlotte did not disappoint.

Since Charlotte would not lay down in her bed my wheels started turning...... "What if she could watch her friends on Sesame Street and fall asleep in bed? And I will sleep right next to her so she can see me and won't get upset that I am leaving her." Ok, this will do the trick! It has to anyways.

NOPE!!! She watched a full episode of Sesame Street and even would clap and dance when it struck her fancy. What next??? Cuddle time? Maybe she will sleep on me like the good ole' times?

Can you tell how happy I am? Charlotte isn't having it either. Alright our go to car ride it is!!!

Yes, Mom of the year..... The car ride worked and now she is asleep in her bed. I was walking away on a high like a should write a book on How To Be an Awesome Mother until: HOLY SHENANIGANS!!!!!!! The monster is up. Chalk it up; I failed again. What do I do know? Thankfully her crying woke Josh up ;) Josh rocked her for almost an hour and that didn't put her back asleep so the two of us hit the open road again.

I am not sure if my camera was blurry or if I was seeing everything in a blur at that point but it was 3:16 a.m. when we headed out. We got home around 4am and that did make her finally pass out for several hours. Our plan today is to stay in our pajamas, no makeup, and maybe not brush our teeth. If you call and wake us up I will personally see to your death.

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