Saturday, February 18, 2012

To My Angel Charlotte, Love CoCo

It is no secret I have struggled with alcohol, porn, and smoking in my 8 years of existence. I will be a good girl and then a fall off the wagon in a moment of weakness. I have no excuse but low self esteem. Then a year ago a chubby angel named Charlotte Lillian entered my life for no other reason but to bring me back from the dark side. Charlie constantly tells me how pretty I am and that my lack of teeth makes me unique and who I am. I love her for that. My support group encouraged me to write a letter and share my favorite pictures of us. I hope you enjoy.

Dear Angel Charlotte,
     I love you for being my best friend and not because nobody else will play with us in the neighborhood. We have so much fun together and you do not tell our Mom when I say nasty words or pass gas. I am sorry that sometimes when I play "Super Freak" I get carried away and I make you feel uncomfortable.
Love you always and fo-eva,
Co Co

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