Thursday, March 29, 2012


I hate bullies. It is that simple. I hate them. Yes, I can use that word. They are just down right mean. I get overwhelmed and flustered when thinking about how big our bullying problem is becoming in America. Why is this? Lack of parenting I suppose.

Everyone was bullied at some point in their life and if they say they weren't they are lying so that is why this is every ones problem. This reminds me of high school. Oh high school girls.... aren't they sweet??? A bunch of us girls were at my friends Maggie's house having a great night. We were a bit dorky and didn't do much of the party scene so we usually just hung out at each other's house. Well little did we know as we were enjoying our dorky night my car was getting shoe polished by let's just say a girl a year younger with the same name as me with red hair. Mmmmmmm.... Back to the point. We all went outside to leave and we saw the damage. Only to my car mind you. She had written things like; "Ugly teeth" "Fat Ass" "Bad Hair" and I forget what else. Does it matter? Still to this day I have no idea why. It was awful. My friends hurt for me as bad as I did. Why are people so mean?

As a parent now it is totally different. Forget me and my stupid high school drama. I am already sick about Charlotte facing bullies herself. What will I do? What if the school does nothing? What if Charlotte is the chubby, pale, curly hair, dorky girl that has no friends and everyone is mean to her?  The panic has already set in. Most importantly, I pray nightly that Charlotte has courage: Courage to be okay with being different, courage to stop a bullying being mean to her or anyone else, and courage to be friends with anyone regardless if it is "cool".

There is a movie that is coming out that I can't stress strong enough that I think ALL middle school and high school students should be required to see. Although I only worked at a middle school for less than 2 years it was more than enough to see bullying is an enormous problem.

Here is the movie trailer to "Bully"

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  1. I can't believe that biznitch did that to your car in high school! Let's go hunt her down and TP her house...jk :) I would love to see this flick. In my opinion, there needs to be more parents with integrity that know how to show their children the same values.