Sunday, March 4, 2012

Diagnosis: Baby Brat

Josh got home from his boys trip last night and just couldn't accept that his little girl had turned on him. Josh was convinced something must be wrong. There is no way our lazy baby all of sudden has the energy to throw all of these temper tantrums. So our family of three loaded up and headed to the after hours clinic, again. After our two hour stay we received word that Charlotte was just fine. Bitter sweet news really. You don't want her to be sick but you kinda what there to be a reason why she is acting like a monster. Charlotte has her 1 year appointment tomorrow at her regular pediatrician so the first thing on the list to address is her testy 'tude.


  1. I remember when Layla threw her first tantrum. Justin and I just looked at each other like WTF is going on?!? she was kicking, screaming, and rolling around on the floor like she was on fire or something. Our pediatrician said that tantrums are inevitable, just don't let them work...which is WAY easier said than done. I'm on the same boat with you, sister. Welcome to life as the mama of a toddler. It'll get better.

  2. Ashley- Boone was a HOT mess when he hit around 15 months... everything you have described, Boone did. He threw crazy, out of control tantrums over the tiniest things. He was often so nuts that we couldn't take him out and about, because we feared he would ruin everybody else's time. Not to mention we were exhausted too. I know this doesn't help, or give you any more peace, but this too shall pass as my Great Grandma used to say. When he threw himself on the floor crying when he didn't get his way, we would walk away and ignore the behavior...after about 20 times of ignoring him, he stopped. He very rarely, if ever throws those kind of tantrums now and if he does we just tell him we won't listen to his whining or fit and we walk out of the room. (I will say, we always make sure he's in a safe place, as his tantrums would get violent. He would throw his body around, bang his head on the ground, etc.) My ped said to me the other day, "what gets attention, gets repeated". Words I need to remind myself everyday with him. Good luck, it will pass, and you'll be back to normal before ya know it! Being a Mama is rough somedays isn't it? We should get paid for being stay at home moms!

  3. Lilly went through a terrible stage right before she turned one! I would cry, and cry, and cry more and I thought I was being punished or some weird thing was going on. It will pass.....

    One piece of advice.....she will be a crabby. fussy mess after her one year shots, so get ready. Lilly also spiked a 104 fever and was in the minor ER. She was miserable for about two weeks....I'll pray for ya momma :) She will probably be an angel of a two year old!