Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sesame Street Live

Today was THE day. It has been the day Charlotte has been dreaming about since she first saw that furry red man on the television. The White House went to Sesame Street Live and it did not disappoint.

We bought tickets to the meet and greet beforehand and that backfired. Charlotte had a damn near heart attack every time a furry friend walked past her but at least we got a few pictures.

Off to our seats we go so Charlotte could eat dinner before the big show. I knew we had good seats but I didn't know they were this good. I wasn't sure if this was good news for Charlie or bad news...

The first five minutes of the show were touch and go. She was holding Josh's shirt so tight and her eyes were wide open. She had NO clue what was happening.

Then before you know it Charlotte was having the time of her life. She was dancing, clapping, waving, and even singing. She wouldn't take her eyes of the stage if her life depended on it. I am certain this was the best day of her life.

Ernie saying hi

Charlotte's favorite song "Elmo's World"

As soon as Charlotte saw the Elmo balloons she started pointing and grunting so Dad gave in and got her one. He is so easy. I wish I just had to point and grunt at my wants.

Charlotte was asleep before we left the parking garage. Mission accomplished!

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