Monday, March 26, 2012

Videos Lately

Here are some cute videos of the baby bit lately doing what she does best; keeping us laughing!

We recently got Charlotte a picnic table and she loves every oppurtunity to go outside and play at the table. She also has a fake laugh that she does about 5,000 times a day. I guess she is used to hearing laughter around her. This was Saturday when she was spending the afternoon with Dad.

This was also Saturday with Dad. She was taking food out of her picnic basket and feeding one of her best friends. What a good guy that Harold is.

Charlotte has recently gotten obsessed with DVD's and a weird doll called Eebee Baby. It is something my parents found in Miami before Charlotte was born. If you have a child near Charlotte's age you might look into. It captures her attention for a long time and that is hard to do these days. This video is her rocking out to the DVD during an afternoon snicky snack.

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