Monday, March 26, 2012

Waffle Champion

Ever since I heard about the food truck, Waffle Champion, the fat kid inside me was giddy with excitment. After several failed attempts we tracked them down this Sunday at a fundraiser by VZD's.

Charlotte thought her new boat shoes were perfect for the occasion because if waffle debris got on them she could just wipe them off the patent leather. Good call, Charlie.

Charlotte is ready: Snacks, shades, pacifier, and a comfy ride.

As we waited for our waffles Josh and I also had big truck tacos, don't judge, it is Sunday Funday. Charlotte had a peanut butter sandwich, odd.

Off to more important things, THE DREAM MAKER:

Josh and I both got dessert waffles. 

Mine: Whipped cream, carmel, coco puffs, pretzels, and nutella. Yes, freaking nutella!
Josh's: Whipped cream, oreo's, peanut butter, and not sure what else.

My brother got a sandwich waffle with ham, tomatoes, fried egg, and cream cheese:

To say we loved it is a huge understatement. I describe mine as, "better than a party in my mouth, it was a rave with glow sticks." You follow "Waffle Champion" on facebook and they post where they are almost daily.

Charlotte gives it two nutella thumbs up!

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