Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You Can't Have it All

One of the biggest lessons I have learned being a new Mom is that you cannot have it all. For example, Charlotte is an amazing sleeper but sucks at eating. Charlotte sleeps 13-14 hours a night, never makes a peep in the night, and begins her morning routine around 8:30-9am daily. Who is this lucky? Not many Moms. But I have recently come to find out when your kid is awesome in one category they make you pay in another.

Charlotte doesn't eat. At all. Let me say this before I go too far, she isn't starving. She is and has always been in the top 85% in weight but it isn't healthy not to eat. I cannot remember the last time the child has had a serving of fruits or vegetables. Judge away because I have tried like crazy. Her doctor keeps saying, "She will eat when she is hungry." BULL. The doctor also said to give her a daily vitamin but what do you know, she spits them out too. We have tried chicken, cheese, eggs, all fruits, all veggies, raisins, mac n' cheese, pancakes, grilled cheese, pizza, seriously everything. The only thing she eats is any gerber snacks, peanut butter sandwiches, and waffles.

Last night I made her token peanut butter sandwich, bananas, oranges, and chicken and the snot didn't touch any of it. Do you know how frustrating it is to make three meals a day and it go to waste every single time? I am at my wits end. So my solution??

Give her snacks under the kitchen table so Josh and I can finish eating. For some reason she sometimes eats better in bizarre places. Weird kid.

And then the three of us drive to Braum's in our Pj's for ice cream (yes, she does eat ice cream but who doesn't)

Oh, yes... Mother of the year. If anyone has any tricks of the trade please help a girl out. To say this is just a phase is running thin because this has been going on for several months and getting worse.  I will say; I will take the no eating over no sleeping. Selfish but true.

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