Sunday, April 15, 2012

An Interesting Weekend Indeed

If you live in Oklahoma you had an interesting weekend as well regarding the weather. Josh and I thought the best decision for our family was to plan to stay at my parents Saturday night because they have a basement. So Saturday afternoon my parents picked all five of us up. Chloe and Harold were beyond giddy with the idea of a slumber party.

Unfortunately, the days of packing lightly go out the window when you have a plus one.

Charlotte's curly frocks are the best indicator when rain is headed this way

What is a weather watch party without all the goodies? Not one at the Vaughn's house that is for sure

Thankfully for the metro area we were all safe and sound but others were not so lucky. My heart is heavy for them right now. Prayers are with them for sure.

This morning our family had a wonderful and filling brunch at the club and my parents headed to take us home with home last stop. Charlotte's Pappou thought it was time for her to get a life jacket for the lake.

You can really sense her enthusiasm is the picture, can't you? I will leave you on this windy Sunday with Charlotte playing you a little diddy. I hope you enjoy it as much as she did.

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