Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It Got Bad

Today was bad. Actually bad isn't strong enough; today was awful I will spare you the details but this is all you need to know:

1. I have a stomach bug
2. Charlotte has a stomach bug
3. I had to take Charlotte back to the doctors today because I could sense her ears were still bothering her

Our home away from home lately, the Docs

Okay, game over...  Hurry up Doctor. Mom and baby both feel like crap

The bathroom we visited three times in our short stay

I would have gone through labor again to be able to ride home and pass out in a car seat at that moment

I was right the bugs ears are still rotten so we are trying another medicine. Sheesh. Now it is  6:30 p.m. Charlotte is feeling better and I still feel the same as I did this morning. Josh is on baby duty and I am headed to bed. Praying I am ready to rule the world tomorrow.

P.S. If I was President I would make sick days for stay at home Moms.

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