Thursday, April 5, 2012

MDO Woes

I picked Charlotte up yesterday from her Mother's Day Out and was greeted with a sad baby and bad report card. Charlotte was in tears and her teacher said had a rough day. Her teacher said that Charlotte has separation anxiety and gets overwhelmed playing with other kids.

I have been noticing this myself more and more lately so this was no new news to me. What do you do? I do not want that weirdo kid hiding behind their Mom's legs. I have called her Mother's Day Out and asked if Charlotte can go one more day a week, per doctor's suggestion, and they are full for summer AND fall but we are on the waiting list. We will pray that something opens soon and more importantly Charlotte stops being a clingy cat.

To contribute to Charlotte's bad day yesterday is another DOUBLE ear infection. Yet again, Josh had the instinct to take her to the doctor's this morning and that is exactly what we did. The doctor said no wonder she had a bad day away from Mom yesterday with a double ear infection and cutting three more teeth.

Still cute as pie in her pajamas at the Doc's. Here is to a Happy and Healthy Easter!!!

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